Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Arise My Beloved

Arise My Beloved

Imagine a mermaid caught in a net.
The more she wrestles, the more entangled she becomes.
One question changes everything:
“What will it take for you to be free?”
In a split second, she stops thrashing,
and like a bullet,
makes a bee-line for a target beyond the net.
Leaving the net behind, she rises from the depths
and into the clearer waters, ever closer to the Light ahead.

Copyright 2007 Margaret L. Clay, MA, PCC

Available in Seaside Series Post/Note card set (12 post cards), individual note cards and prints.
(note cards are blank inside with Monkeyminder message on the back; post/note cards have image on front, blank on back, no message. May be sent as postcards or use with enclosed envelopes for more personal message)

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