Monday, December 01, 2008

In Each Moment

In Each Moment

Show up in each moment
with as much love and kindness as you can muster.
Look for love and you will find it.
Listen for love and you will hear it.
Let every pore, every cell
open itself to love and be loved.
You are doing this even now.
It may feel to you like you’re living in slow motion,
but this is perfect timing.
Let Me love you.
Let all of Me love all of you.

Copyright 2008 Margaret L. Clay, MA, PCC

Available in Springtime Series Post/Note card set (12 post cards), and individual note cards.
(note cards are blank inside with Monkeyminder message on the back; post/note cards have image on front, blank on back, no message. May be sent as postcards or use with enclosed envelopes for more personal message)

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