Friday, May 03, 2013

Natural Dyes--Pink Perfection

Finished Hand-Dyed and Signed Devore Satin Scarf
Leaf Pattern  of shimmering Rayon Satin on a sheer background of Silk Chiffon

Approximately 15 x 60" (no fringe)

I've been noticing a huge, laden camellia bush from my kitchen window. I'm thinking most camellias have come and gone this season, but this one is still going to town. Upon closer look, I confirmed that it is the one called Pink Perfection. I was curious to see what possible dye might come from it. The flowers on the ground half-filled up a grocery bag. I noticed a few red camellias nearby, so I threw those in too.

Here are pictures of the process.
Camellias and silk simmering.

Silk scarf after simmering. I chose not to strain the petals out of the dye.

Rinsed silk with the residual dye for another piece.

Dried and ironed.

Signed, one of a kind.

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